Of The Most Beautiful Ramsar Sites In India

What is the Ramsar Convention?


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Ramsar Convention was established in 1971 and came into effect in 1972 to promote, conserve and manage wetlands. The convention also has a list of “Wetlands of International Importance.” These are wetlands that are in a fairly high category of critical importance under the convention. What are the 42 Ramsar sites in India? Of the 42 sites, 15 are coastal wetlands.

Ramsar Sites In India
Ramsar Sites In India

These are wetlands that are on the coast of a large body of water. Most of these are in coastal plains like the Gulf of Khambhat in Gujarat, the Padma in West Bengal, and the Mandovi in Goa. The remaining are upland wetlands. These are wetlands that lie on the uplands of a large body of water. They include the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, the Machhu-Matar lake in Rajasthan and the Mahadeo Virdi wetlands in the Madhya Pradesh.

Why are wetlands important?

Wetlands help capture rainwater in the form of run-off during the monsoon season. These wetlands also provide a natural filtration system to purify our river water. Even in the absence of rainfall, a healthy supply of water is maintained by these wetlands. Not only are these wetlands naturally resilient, they also improve soil fertility and improve water-logging by providing vegetated cover.

Now that you know why wetlands are important, we put together a list of some of the most beautiful Ramsar sites in India. 1. Bara-Waach Wildlife Sanctuary: Dehradun The Bara-Waach Wildlife Sanctuary protects about 17% of the Terai region of Uttarakhand. Not only is it home to one of the best birding locations in India, the Bara-Waach Wildlife Sanctuary is also an important refuge for wildlife. 2.

What are the Ramsar Sites in India?

The three major types of wetlands in India are: Alluvial forests (Areca catechu), which are riverine and swamp forests; Swamp forests (Hygrophyllum confertum), which are less fertile, but better-protected than riverine forests; and Biodiversity hotspots (Chlorophyta corallina, Chlorophyta spp.) which include creeks, lagoons and marshes. Can these wetlands be used for tourism and for ecotourism?

Yes, you can use the wetlands. However, care should be taken to not disturb the natural habitat of the species. A lot of the wetlands have been listed as National Monuments, which may restrict certain activities such as fishing, hunting, use of motorized vehicles, the use of heavy machinery, and industrial activity. When do the wetlands need to be checked?

9 of the Most Beautiful Ramsar Sites in India

1. Dahanu Creek and Lake in Maharashtra India has a well-planned national network of waterways, and this includes its major rivers, namely the Godavari, the Mahanadi, the Krishna, the Kaveri, the Narmada, the Sabarmati, the Tapti and the Tapti-Vasco da Gama. This network serves the purpose of irrigation and transportation.

However, the most famous river in India is the Mahanadi, because the river holds a special place in the mythology of the Hindus. Mahanadi was considered to be the mothers mouth because it provides for every need of mankind. It is believed that Mahanadi had four wives, out of which the fourth was the goddess Patada. So, it is not surprising that this is where she brought forth the gods Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Maheshwara. 2.


Wetlands are the lifeblood of our eco-system. They are a crucial water purifier, a source of the vital element of clean drinking water, as well as important recreational, sporting, and other facilities. If the rate of loss of wetlands is to be averted, we will need to work harder and focus on conservation and restoration of wetlands. This article is part of our articles series “Lessons Learned From Experiences”.

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